True Dilatation™ Balloon Valvuloplasty Catheters


  • Truly Precise – Accurate, reliable sizing
  • Truly Fast – Designed to minimize rapid pacing times
  • Truly Rupture Resistant – Engineered to avoid catastrophic failure


TRUE® Flow Valvuloplasty Perfusion Catheter

Valvuloplasty – Aortic


  • Only balloon valvuloplasty catheter* designed to provide continuous cardiac blood flow independent of the heart’s rhythmic state.
  • Designed to provide low hemodynamic resistance on the balloon while inflated.
  • Wrapped in a rupture resistant fiber-based shell.
  • Available in diameters from 18 mm to 26 mm.



New Hope for Heart Failure Patients.

Introducing a less invasive heart failure treatment from BioVentrix.

The Revivent™ Myocardial Anchoring System is the only technology that corrects the fundamental cause of heart failure (HF) - too much stress or tension on the left ventricular wall (LV) of the heart - by directly reducing its overall size including circumference and volume. This reshapes the LV to its more natural state to improve efficiency so that with each heartbeat, more blood is pumped out to the rest of the body. The result is a clinically proven improvement in the quality of life for most patients.

A revolutionary procedure called less invasive ventricular enhancement™ or the LIVE™ procedure allows surgeons to place the Revivent System without using cardiopulmonary bypass or making incisions into the heart. Conventional surgery used to reduce the size of the LV requires both and is not a viable option for many patients. The LIVE procedure offers a new treatment option and new hope for heart failure patients.

A cascade of positive clinical outcomes

Clinical trials have demonstrated that once the volume of the LV is reduced, a cascade of positive clinical outcomes follows almost immediately. Durable significant improvements across six clinically validated outcome measures lasting beyond one-year follow-up were reported.

The Revivent™ Myocardial Anchoring System is now commercially available at leading hospitals across the European Union. Clinical data collection is ongoing via a post market registry.


A congenital heart defect or congenital heart disease, is a problem in the structure of the heart that is present at birth. These defects are closed by minimally invasive techniques. Closure devices include the Cocoon Septal Occluder, Cocoon Duct Occluder, Cocoon VSD Occluder and Cocoon PFO Occluder. The occluders are manufactured with braided nitinol wires and coated with platinum.